aleppo salt

aleppo salt

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our aleppo salt mix will convince you that you just don't need regular salt anymore. it adds a subtle layer of flavor and depth, and a pinch of heat to anything you add it to. 2.5 oz mixture of aleppo pepper and sea salt.

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2 large potatoes (or 4 medium), 1-inch-dice

½ bunch of cilantro (thinly sliced or chopped)

8 cloves of garlic (crushed)

1 tbl aleppo salt

1 lemon (juiced)

2 cup canola or corn oil (or any other neutral oil)

½ tsp sea salt


step 1. in an appropriate-sized pot, bring the oil to 350 F. once the oil is ready, fry the potato cubes in batches. take your time on this because that's how delicious food is made!

step 2. once each batch of potatoes is done (while it’s hot and oily), add a sprinkle of aleppo salt - it's very important to do this immediately so the oil and salt combine to create a deliciously seasoned fried potato.
note: make sure to add the aleppo salt to all the potatoes.

step 3. once all your potatoes are fried and done, set them aside for a sec.

you need to move fast for this next step, so make sure you know where everything is.

step 4. now to make the sauce - in a large saute pan, take about a cup of the oil you used to fry the potatoes in and add the crushed garlic to it, saute on medium heat for about 30 seconds, then add the chopped cilantro and saute for another 30 seconds, then add your lemon juice and let it all cook for about 1 minute before adding your potatoes in. cook for another 2 minutes and you’re ready to go!

this is a great side dish you can eat as-is or with bread.


no artificial flavors or preservatives

teta approved

we're actually famous for our legendary shawarma.

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frequently asked questions

where are your spices from?
we source all of our spices from jordan and india. we’re committed to using spices that are grown in their native lands to best preserve their true flavors that are dependent on the soil and climates they’re grown in.
how are your spices processed?
we get our spices raw and whole. we then roast, grind, and mix them in-house, so you don’t get a spice mix that has been sitting in a warehouse and then on a shelf for months before it gets to your kitchen.
how do i store spices?
our spice jars are pretty airtight and meant for retaining freshness. we would recommend keeping the jars in your pantry and away from direct sunlight to preserve shelf life.
how long are spices good for?
when spices “expire”, thankfully, there isn’t a health risk if they’re consumed. spices expiring means they have lost their flavor and potency. it’s said that spice blends can retain most of their flavor for up to 2 years, but for maximum freshness and potency, we recommend consuming our ground spices within six months.

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