the arabic word for the title of “shawarma-maker”; an important role in arab society that lives to satiate our hunger as well as our yearning for community.

meet the fam

we're a jordanian family-owned and family-run business. our journey started with a young chef mohammad watching his grandmother, teta nahla, cooking up a storm in her kitchen to bring the entire family together. the love that she poured into her cooking and that he felt was just as palpable as the food itself.

food is a central part of social life and how affection is shown in the middle east - rooted in the value of being in service to the other. we're a part of that legacy in the diaspora, and we're here to share all of the unforgettable smells and tastes that came from our teta's kitchen with all of you.

our brand attributes

what makes us us

for the love of amman.

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